Photo Artist / Ritualist /
Creatrix / Pleasurist /
Kitchen Witch

the power of
magic ~ art ~ pleasure
You are from the stars
Remember your vast cosmic nature
& ground it to earth

As an artist & ritualist Ganesha Isis captures magic alive out of the moment(um), creating visual poetry that lives on, beyond. Witnessed and held in a connection of raw sensual expression, revealing a portal to a metamorphosis; real or dreamt.


Ceremonial Photo Session
Empowerment Photo Session
body:my:nature ~ Seeing body & nature as 1
Embody Your Essence

Cacao Magic Workshop/Ritual Space
Alter Chocolate
Magic Cacao Squares

Fine Art Prints
Printed textile


Sensual Artist, Photographer, Ritualist with a background in fine art, visual/graphic design

ISTA Levels 1 & 2 (The International School of Temple Arts)

Dearmouring Level 1 with Sunny Ju

Sistership Circle Weekend Retreat


Melting in Nature
Collaboration, Inspiration, Muse

Mahé Ravi Hardev, DE, PT
Clara Tengler / Milu, DE, PT
Karma She, Berlin Sofia, Casa Cacao, Berlin Stephania, Akouo Sessions, Berlin
Sophie Josephina
Dream World, Berlin
Eva Lara, DE
Lamira, Berlin
Melissa Maya, Wildly Devotional, Berlin
Sanya Alaya, Berlin
Celeste, Devotee of the Heart, Berlin Marysia, Body Of Earth, Berlin
Soltree Alchemy, Oakland/Las Vegas
Native Nude, South Africa
Ambrosia Delights


Aljezur, Portugal
Berlin, Germany
Lagos, Portugal
San Francisco, California
Sardinia, Italy
Fusion Festival, Germany